ribsnotcrackEmmanuel Todd comes to bury Charlie Hebdo deceased, not praise them.

A French weatherman is canned after expressing doubts about climate change.

Scientists have totally found an alien satellite! Well, probably not.

Self-driving cars are coming to Canada!

Yikes. A school district in Florida is paying out a six-figure settlement due to some hypnotism gone very wrong.

While using racial slurs is wrong in most contexts, I kind of think this might be an exception.

An obstetrician and abortion doctor – previously sanctioned for performing home abortions – was found with a bunch of fetuses in his car.

Federal prosecutors are going after a Fox contributor for falsely claiming having worked for the CIA.

Hillary Clinton is apparently getting taller. I was actually under the impression that Rubio was shorter than 5’10″… roughly Paul’s height, actually. Am I wrong or has he grown taller, too?

Sometimes Jeb is cool in spite of himself. But seriously, don’t mess with the SEC.

Harry Enten is giving Ted Cruz another look. Cruz wouldn’t have much of a chance in most elections, but this is an unusual one. I think there’s a non-trivial chance that the nomination is going to come down to two Cuban-American candidates. Tom Coburn probably isn’t happy about this prospect.

For several Republican candidates, we’re approaching game time.

It looks like Justin Trudeau is about to be prime minister. Richard Nixon called it when Justin was in diapers.

Now that they no longer issue them, Maryland may take back its confederate license plates.

A surprisingly touching essay by The Voice of Richard Nixon. (or, more specifically, @dick_nixon).

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8 Responses to Linkluster Hell’s Kitchen Hotel

  1. oscar.gordon says:

    Well we already know the French have trouble with Free Speech…

  2. Peter says:

    I had no idea that George Pataki was running in the first place.

  3. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    Tonight Rutgers makes its first appearance ever on ABC’s Saturday Night Football.

    Will Will be watching?

  4. Dr X says:

    On the racial slur, I agree with you. When that story hit the news, I thought the investigator’s explanation was reasonable.

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