strawmenAt, Chanda Chisala looks at intelligence and two different African-American populations.

Lauren Gurley writes about the urban bias of sociology and the left’s disinterest in rural American poverty.

Recently I linkied a liberal case against Birthright Citizenship. This week, the conservative case for Birthright Citizenship.

Under a new definition of planethood, the moon is a planet.

The Swedish central bank has a negative interest rate on deposits, leading people to stash their money at home.

Gabriel Rossman has some smart words about excessive statistical controls, where if you don’t like the effects of X, you simply control for X.

Adam Ozimek lays down his predictions for 2045.

Dr Farah Khan explains how she deals with racist patients and the frustration of being denied as an Indian and an American.

Reviewing a book, Jesse Singal looks at the black activists who helped launch the drug war. In the comment section of a related article, Freddie chimes in.

It appears attempts to hook ruralia up with broadband was evidently a spectacular failure.

Kris Hartley writes of the potential of rural industrialization in China.

Drone Assassin: A Feminist Success Story

I have historically thought their virtues were overrated, but I’m coming around on the idea of nonpartisan elections (at least at the state and local levels).

The hardship of being obscenely rich.

Brian Boyd writes of the Nietzchean nature of Gotham.

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12 Responses to Linkluster Hell’s Angels Chapters

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    As a libertarian, I need those bears to take apart all the strawmen people construct about my positions.

  2. Peter says:

    Bank savings accounts in the United States have negative interest rates in the sense that the rates they pay usually are less than inflation.

    • Mike Hunt Sailer says:

      Yes, but that isn’t how the term is meant. You aren’t going to lose money in a zero or positive interest-rate savings account.

  3. Mike Hunt Sailer says:

    Did Kazzy get a divorce?

  4. Mike Hunt Sailer says:

    left’s disinterest in rural American poverty.

    The reason why the left is uninterested (not disinterested) is because when black people are poor, it is because of racism, but when white people are poor, they don’t have a good excuse.

    The article states this a bit more eloquently.

  5. mike shupp says:

    The moon is a planet? I’m so looking forward to it “clearing its neighborhood” of extraneous celestial bodies.

  6. trumwill says:

    Mike, I thought you might find this interesting. Louisiana-Monroe fired their coach, opening up what I consider to be one of the worst football jobs at the FBS level. At SBNation, they agree! Which is not surprising because it’s so manifestly true. What is surprising is that their athletics budget is smaller than that of NJIT.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

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