Okay, this picture beats my old picture.

Okay, this picture beats my old picture.

Lisa Ruddick writes about When Nothing Is Cool because everything must be Criticized.

Sigal Alon argues that diversity destroyed affirmative action at The Nation.

Our circadian rhythms may be set by light, but for bachteria it’s metabolism.

Nature.com has a solid list of science myths that won’t die.

The story of a rape accusation recanted… that turned out to be true. Then the story of an expelled alleged rapist who was more likely the victim of rape.

Well, in Texas‘ defense, they probably also have the most roadway on which speed traps can be found. Even so, South plus a lot of municipalities plus counless layers of law enforcement make for a bad combination for motorists.

The insistence on self-driving vehicles following the law are exposing a fault-line between how drivers driver and how they’re theoretically supposed to.

Margaret Atwood is writing a comic book.

CNN has a good profile of Muslims in America. Fun Fact: The first mosque was in Ross, North Dakota. {Related}

When it comes to pushing for looser immigrant worker visas, Corporate America really is its own worst enemy. Fortunately for them, they will win out because we all know who opposes immigration.

Woodrow Wilson wasn’t racist despite being a progressive. The two were related.

As Japan avoids a recession, Scott Sumner is declaring Abenomics a success against his expectations.

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  1. Peter says:

    That Nation article made some good points but also missed a very important one: affirmative action is no longer just about blacks. Hispanics qualify too, despite having a completely different history in the United States, and in some situations Asians also qualify. And there’ll be a whole new category of AA beneficiaries if the Census Bureau adds the proposed MENA (Middle Eastern – North African) racial classification in 2020.

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