On Thursday I went to the school for Lain’s speech therapy. While there, some kids were debating with an office administrator over whether or not there would be school on Friday. The kids were saying that they were totally going to have a snow day. The office administratos said nope they would be showing up to go to school.

Grade School Students 1, Grown-Up Office Administrators 0

Local speak for "Fewer people in this line."

Local speak for “Fewer people in this line.”

Clancy was the one who ended up doing the pre-snow shopping, mostly because she was already going to be doing the shopping. It was… as you might have figured. Even before the Washington Post explained that people inordinately seek out junk on such occasions, Clancy reported that only the healthy stuff was left on shelves. Some of that is the general phenomenon, but some of that is where we live. There is a helpful sign above the line with the fewest people waiting in it.

One downside to shopping in a store that has been picked clean is that you’re disproportionately likely to get rotten stuff. Turned out the coffee cream Clancy got was bad. We discovered it in the nick of time before I had any. I’d notice when I poured it that it’s composure was… odd. I assumed it had something to do with freezing at some point in the process. Clancy confirmed through a little taste that it felt bad. But I don’t think I’d had any.

How would you like to be the product manager for that last loaf of bread. When a snow storm is coming, and everybody is looking for something and… oh, god, not that. That seems like an “It’s back to the drawing board” moment.

The snow started falling right on schedule. It was supposed to start falling at about one, and there was no snow at 12:45 and it was snowing at about 1:10. That’s… pretty ridiculously precise.

I had planned to do a series of Hit Coffee Mug Shots, with the mug in the same place as the snow accumulated. I wasn’t sure exactly how I would handle it on the site, but it seemed like an interesting concept. Then the weirdest thing happened…

At around 12:45 I was outside vaping and drinking coffee. Suddenly, I wasn’t interested in vaping anymore. Just as suddenly, I didn’t need coffee anymore. I needed to just… go inside, or something. Then I needed to go to the bathroom. Then I needed to vomit in the toilet. Then I needed to collapse and lay there next to the toilet for a little while. If you’ve ever had a “motorized vomit” (where not only stuff comes out, but your body is aggressively sending it up), you know it takes a surprising toll on the body (well, it’s not surprising because you know, but anyway…). But I just laid there, in the bathroom, by the toilet for maybe fifteen minutes.

I did eventually get up and moving again. Still not feeling well, but… sigh… I had to do some chores. That involved going down to the mailbox (expecting some ejuice, which shouldn’t be left in freezing weather) and also throwing some salt on the extensive and steep drive way. I get out and the snowing had begun (which is where the 12:45 and 1:10 comes from). That is unpleasant under regular circumstances, but moreso when my body still feels like it’s going to crumble.

It’s really kind of weird how I can go from feeling perfectly fine, to perfectly sick, and then… a couple hours later I was perfectly fine again. Hungry, even. Still don’t know what the heck that was all about. Clancy had some of the rotten cream, too, and didn’t suffer from any of the adverse effects, so it’s not clear that’s to blame. Especially since I don’t think I had any.

By the time all of this was done, there was so much snow on the ground that the Hit Coffee Mug project was ruined. As well as my appetite for coffee.

Somebody, though, thinks it’s a gas:


No school tomorrow, either. Grade School Kids 2, Grown Up Administrators 0

No word yet from the plow guy. Didn’t take my call. I can only imagine how busy he is. So a shoveling I have been.

The good news is that if I slip and fall, I’m not falling far (this time):



I have no idea how I am going to get Clancy out of here for work on Tuesday.

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5 Responses to Snow Days [Plural] [Updated]

  1. Michael Cain says:

    So, have you bundled Lain up and sent her out into it yet?

  2. aaron david says:

    When I was Lains age, we lived in Pullman and got 14 feet of snow one year. I repeat, fourteen feet.

    I loved it, and did not understand what was wrong with CA come winter.

  3. fillyjonk says:

    I’d say what you had was Norovirus, except you went back to being “perfectly fine” (you said.)

    I had Norovirus a few years back. My two big memories of it:

    1. I did not believe projectile vomiting was actually a thing – I thought people were being overdramatic – until I had Norovirus

    2. For two or so days afterward, I couldn’t stay awake for more than 15 minutes at a time. I’d lie on the sofa, watching tv. When I’d wake up, I’d drink a little diluted Gatorade, then I’d fall back to sleep. It took me several days to be able to eat again or do anything much normally.

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