So when I finally got the mail after the Great Snowstorm, there was a letter from a bill collector stating that we were very delinquent on a medical bill from College Medical Associates (CMA), the physician group from which we receive medical care. It was… odd. I am very aggressive about paying medical bills as they arrive. As soon as they arrive. Before I even see what the bill is for, as often as not. Medical providers are especially aggressive about turning things over to bill collectors because when they don’t get paid quickly they are abnormally likely never to get paid at all. And on the other side, if you overpay they are good about sending you back a check. so if it’s under a couple hundred dollars, and it usually is, we can float that.

So what happened? Did I miss one? I wasn’t sure, but I did what I always do and immediately paid the $89.44 the bill was for.

The next day I got a very stern letter from CMA asking me to please stop remitting overpayments, along with a check for $26.57. They made their case that I am ridiculous because here are the amounts of the overpayments you have been making. So for the love of god, please stop. Don’t pay anything further until you get a new bill.

And today I got a new bill! From CMA. For $26.57.

Which of course lead me to compare the bill to the bill collectors to the list of overpayments I’ve made. Wouldn’t you know it: $89.44.

Given their inability to actually keep track of such things and willingness to come down hard on the patients, I’m almost tempted to say “screw these people.”

I’d rather not, though, because CMA is my wife’s employer.

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Will Truman (trumwill) is a southern transplant in the mountain east with an IT background who bides his time taking care of their daughter while his wife brings home the bacon. You will probably be relieved to know that he does not generally refer to himself in the third-person except when he's writing short bios on his web page.

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  1. SFG says:

    Reason #246 why I support national health insurance. Feel the Bern!

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