Freddie de Boer on anti-Trumpism:

You can confront a monster like Trump in a few ways. You can play precisely to the narrative that he’s using by trying to manipulate his party’s primary, acting like exactly the meddling liberals he accuses you of being, and speaking with naked, classist contempt for several million people. Or you can try and peel off many of the people who have rallied under his banner by showing them that you take their economic distress seriously and that the fight for economic and social justice can help them too, if they are willing to join it.

Not a long blog post, but I think he’s (mostly) spot on. The only point I disagree is that in an open primary, it’s not a bad thing to cross the aisle to prevent someone winning who you think is bad for the country. And Freddie’s view of what exactly constitutes “economic and social justice” probably differs from mine in some particulars. But he understands some of Trump’s appeal and how anti-Trumpism can backfire.

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