America’s latest export: For-profit universities.

Myths and teachable stories about the apocalypse.

Inside Higher Ed has a good piece on state budgets and higher education. GE Miller writes about the cost of the college experience.

I love the term “unexotic underclass.” I will start using it.

I’ve written a couple of times about the way our society is structured against early marriage and parenthood. Jacoba Urist thinks we should do something about it.

A teen invents a 20-second phone charger. Another a submarine.

io9 has a series of articles on the Yellowstone megavolcano.

A look at Taiwan before its economic boom.

How to reform comment trolls.

One of my hope-beyond-hopes with regard to global warming is carbon capture. They’re testing it in Alberta.

Important: Tips on faking your own death.

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Will Truman (trumwill) is a southern transplant in the mountain east with an IT background who bides his time taking care of their daughter while his wife brings home the bacon. You will probably be relieved to know that he does not generally refer to himself in the third-person except when he's writing short bios on his web page.

6 Responses to Linkluster Non-Authoritative Information

  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    So, you’ve just given up on the spam, huh?

  2. trumwill says:

    I’ve been out all day, and I’m not getting emails on them like I should be. Crap. I even got spam on the Red Wedding post, which I closed comments on yesterday after a rash of them.

    How aggravating.

    I need to get Akismet up and running. Or find a better Captcha. Or something.

    But I’m not going to give up on Spam. I’ll switch away from WordPress before I do that.

  3. David Alexander says:

    America’s latest export: For-profit universities.

    Institutions with have no business operating in the States are not being inflicted on foreign countries. An excellent way to repair our tarnished image overseas.

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