yellowobject has a list of seven coastal cities at great risk due to global warming.

Darwin and aliens.

Marijuana shops can be their own worst enemy, perception-wise.

Repairing bad memories.

Jessica Lahey points out how we’re shafting boys in school and offers some supported ideas on what we can do about it.

Miles Klee explains how you’re ruining the things you love. Actually, it’s more about how off-putting the wrong fans of something can be.

Did you enjoy the play? Well, it may be the product of child actor abduction. Well, if you were attending a play in olden times, anyway. Seriously, interesting article.

Distracted walking injures more people than distracted driving.

As Canada has figured out, if you don’t pay people for sperm, you don’t get enough sperm. Fortunately, the Canadians can just leach off America.

Relatedly, he’s another interesting article on Marginal Revolutions about egg donation and the price-fixing thereof.

How to have a conversation like a gentleman.

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