A Los Angeles liberary is offering high school diplomas. Fortunaely, they don’t have to be returned.

Katey Heany explains how one might come to believe they’ve been abducted by aliens.

Good news for the states offering more generous Medicaid packages: It won’t really attract sick people.

This may be the most convincing case I have heard, to date, on the utility of the Bitcoin.

A great article on the history of Superman, exploring the question of who can claim to have discovered him.

Oil is making everyone in Norway is a millionaire.

Adam Ozimek asks… why do economists disagree so much about the minimum wage?

The twinnish cities of Duluth (MN) and Superior (WI) are on different trajectories thanks to the state line between them.

For aliens living underground, astrobiologists say that there may be a lot more habitable zones than we think. Thinking of how intelligent aliens living so far underground might evolve is interesting. It’s the only sort of aliens I could imagine us coexisting with, to an extent.

For IT staffs, is there too much supply or too much demand?

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