Lain is getting older, and with that we are going to have to start monitoring her behavior differently. Not just “Is this going to injure her?” but for proper social development and all that stuff.

Namely, she’s going to need to learn to play better with others, and we’re going to have to get her to understand the term “Not yours” when she takes something that’s not hers.

Lain has a cousin once-removed that’s about six months old. Said baby had a little toy giraffe. Lain very much like the toy giraffe and went and took it. Clancy gave it back to the cousin, and Lain took it right back. This all happened while I was out of the room. When I came in, Clancy explained to me with embarrassment what Lain had done. The cousin’s parents said it was alright, but the cousin was crying and I felt intervention was warranted.

I took the giraffe from Lain and Lain immediately started scream crying. We got her to calm down, eventually.

I honestly think that I am more traumatized than she is. Not that I would do anything differently. But there is something particularly awful feeling about a baby that is giggling and happy playing on the floor and taking something from her and her response being that you just ruined her life! As ridiculous as it sounds, all of the imagery is still pressed into my mind.

The weird thing, to me, is that I am not particularly traumatized by my child crying. Quite the contrary, I emailed my OT colleague Russell Saunders to make sure that I wasn’t a psychopath given how little it actually bothers me. Something different, I guess, when I know that I caused it. And deliberately, at that.

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  1. Φ says:

    Someday you have this to look forward to.

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