In case you were wondering, this stuff is downright frightening in person.

As in to say: the grease literally drips right off it in front of you, and the smell is nauseating.

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Guy Webster (web) is an IT specialist at Southern Tech University, where he and Will Truman attended college.

2 Responses to Kentucky Grilled Reverse Peristalsis

  1. Kirk says:

    I don’t have a comment related to your post. I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying the shots of your coffee cup in different places.

    You should definitely take the cup with you on your next vacation.

  2. trumwill says:

    {This post was actually written by Web and not me}

    Thanks! I’m trying to change it every month or so. I have three or four more saved up. I used to change them when I moved, got employed, or became unemployed, but have decided to make a theme of it. At some point I am going to post all of the mastheads in one place.

    If I ever go on vacation, I’m totally taking the mug with me.

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